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Oscar-qualifying Documentary Short.

Director Angus McDonald

Producer Angus McDonald/Howling Eagle Productions



"Remember one thing, we are human beings"


Hundreds of innocent refugees and asylum seekers faced more than six years of captivity at the hands of the Australian Federal Government on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea: isolated, separated from their families and losing hope of ever being freed to start their lives over. Hear their stories.


MANUS was awarded Best Documentary at the Oscar-qualifying 2019 St. Kilda Film Festival, Best Documentary at the 2020 FIFO film festival, Best Byron Film at the 2019 Byron Bay International Film Festival. It was an Official Selection for the BAFTA qualifying, 2019 Aesthetica Short Film Festival (UK) as well as many other film festivals in Australia and Internationally.


Dedicated to all those still held offshore on Nauru & in PNG. 


For press, social platforms & more information about MANUS, go to:

Philoxenia Ep II
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