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Role DOP/EDITOR In Post 

Director Hadley Perkins


In the not too distant future we are seeing the separation between the rich and poor grow as the

rich protect themselves aggressively and the poor mope in apathetic consumerism, quick satisfaction

and sexual gratification. In this oppressive convenient society there is a bubbling anxious volatility that is sending people on walkabout through the desert, re-emerging with disruptive philosophies and carrying out brazen unorthodox criminal activity.

Strange Attractor is a little window into this world.

A radical group liberating lost souls from the mundane by delivering them through forgotten rites of passage in the depths of the mysterious Australian interior.

Note from the writer Hadley Perkins:

This is an unusual heist film with a spiritual inclination set sometime in a frighteningly familiar dystopian future. Separation between EVERYTHING has amplified --- between nature and society, between the rich and the poor between the neighbour next door and the child down the hall. Saturated by passive entertainment and separated from themselves.

Australia has become a solely administrative monopoly privatised by conquering corporations. The everyday domesticated sod works for the corporations and languishes in a numbing apathy rewarded by convenient technologies and hedonistic curiosities. A brave depressed few try to escape the suffocations of modern society by seeking change even if it be death as they intuitively wander away

from the urban sprawl into the unknown territory of empty rural Australia.

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